Safe Clean Water In Your Entire Home

The Problem

• Chlorinated water
• Dry skin and hair damage
• Damage to appliances
• Cloudiness and discoloration
• Rotten odors in water


• Healthier water 
• Saves money
• Increases pH levels
• Easier cleaning


• Free Water Test
• Consultation
• Installation and Tech Support
• Excellent Customer Service

Featured Product

Double Enclosed Tank 5-stage Water Conditioning System

At Nova Water, we use advanced technologies to provide the most efficient water treatment and enhancement solutions for our customers. We are also committed to the excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction. Our objective is to provide ideal water treatment and enhancement solutions through innovation and advanced technologies. More Residential and Commercial solutions available.

Innovative, Superior Engineering Technology

Backed by 65 Years of Manufacturing Experience

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Health Benefits of Conditioned Water

Healthier for your complexion and your baby's skin

Reduces pollution, eliminates contaminants and sediment build up

Reduces soap scum and amount of cleaning supplies needed

Helps you save on your energy bills

Nova water is alkaline, making it healthier. It even makes food taste better.

Lengthens the life of your appliances

Clean Water Is For Everyone!

Their customer service is amazing! Great products! They explained everything thoroughly and followed up to ensure that we were satisfied. 



The customer service from this team was superb! My representative was very honest, thorough, and able to meet my needs in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend NovaWater for their great customer service and products!



My family is happy to have this opportunity to have conditioned water. Our water tastes so good that we don’t like to drink any other kind of water. No more cases of bottled water from the store. Our skin feels soft and fresh after bathing. My son and I have sensitive skin and we usually have skin rashes, and now we are doing so much better after using the conditioned  water. We feel so moisturized after showers, so much that we barely need lotion.



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