With the NOVA package the "Goodies" are the treat and the water is the "Star". Within a week of buying the premium package, I have seen huge changes in my husband's eczema which with every breakout came along with major discoloration. Both of our skins feel softer, radiant, and clean. We don't have to buy alkaline water from Costco anymore.

Thank you, NOVA. We are and always will be faithful and dedicated to NOVA and the NOVA family. Their products have changed our lives forever.



I was initially very skeptical. The tests, the presentation and results converted me into a raving fan. Love the Total Home Solutions package and approach. I was surprised to see that I am actually saving more money than it is costing me (seriously!) for this whole system. Highly recommend!



My quality of life has improved since purchasing NOVA products. My water tastes better, but more importantly, it FEELS better. I can rest assured that my home's air quality is pure thanks to the HEPA grade air filtration. The customer service, from my initial meeting to the professional installation to follow-up contacts have all been superb. Every NOVA representative has been professional and knowledgeable, helping me identify potential problems while not being overly pushy in recommending specific and beneficial solutions. I've been more than impressed with each NOVA product, and I'm so glad to be a part of the NOVA family.



NOVA is a company that I am absolutely thrilled to be with. I wasn't pleased with the water in my house at the time, as it was completely repulsive and made me gag, but I had no idea that I was going to be provided with the solution. I took a leap of faith because water safety and softness is important to me and I signed up for the product.

I have not regretted this choice. My hair is healthier, my water tastes better, my shower is cleaner, my laundry is brighter, everything smells, feels and is better. My morning cup of coffee is the best I have ever had. My skin shines and feels silky smooth.

I am so pleased and excited by this purchase! It is most definitely saving me money, protecting my health & makes my water so much more enjoyable.
If you're ever lucky enough to have any NOVA representative show up at your doorstep - listen to them. They're right. You do need this & it's worth every penny.



This is a great system, I was a bit skeptical initially as with a new technology, but I gave it a try, it really works. Our laundry cleaning is much better. We only have to clean our bathrooms once every two weeks. Now all we do is sanitize. If I could give them 10+ stars I would. Keep up the good work NOVA!



My family is happy to have this opportunity to have conditioned water. Our water tastes so good that we don't like to drink any other kind of water. No more cases of bottled water from the store. Our skin feels soft and fresh after bathing. My son and I have sensitive skin and we usually have skin rashes, and now we are doing so much better after using the conditioned water. We feel so moisturized after showers, so much that we barely need lotion.