Double Enclosed Tank 5-stage Water Conditioning System

At Nova Water, we use advanced technologies to provide the most efficient water treatment and enhancement solutions for our customers. We are also committed to excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction. Our objective is to provide the ideal water treatment and enhancement solutions through innovation and advanced technologies. More residential and commercial solutions available.


• Innovative, Superior Engineering Technology
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Ultraviolet (UV) Systems

The NovaWater UV systems are designed to aid in water sterilization. Effective against bacteria, algae and other contaminants. Recommended flow rates of 4gpm.

Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

Filtration of water down to microns. Saltless water softening. Reverse Osmosis/Activated Carbon purification assembly, 3.2 gallon FRO tank, long reach, non-air-gap faucet, automatic shut-off.

Air Injection Oxidizing (AIO) Systems

Air Injection Oxidizing Filter System for treating critical levels of Iron and Sulfur (rotten egg odors).

NovaWater Treatment Solutions AIO™ system features proprietary air injection control valve that automatically backwashes the system daily to clean the media and flush everything down the drain.  

The systems include by-pass valve, 3/4″ X 1″ PVC solvent elbow plumbing connections, Structural mineral tank and all necessary media and support bed for individual application. 

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