Frequently Asked Questions

What's the recommended maximum water pressure for new installation?

The recommended maximum water pressure is 120 psi.

Does your system work on well water?

Yes. We also provide customized systems if needed.

Can the Nova Water Conditioner handle the size of my home?

Yes. The system can handle any home up to 6,000 sq ft.

How often do I replace the filter?

Never. You do not have to replace filters.

Is there any routine maintenance?

Yes, only adding solar salt 1-2 times a year.

Can this system be used with a water softener?

The system contains a water softener; so there is no need for any additional softener.

Does the system affect pH?

Yes, the system increases pH levels.

Do I really need to filter all the water in my house or just I drink?

Yes, all the water in your home can be filtered.

How do I clean a whole house water filter?

No need to clean the filters.

How long will the Nova Water Filter last?

Our system lasts a lifetime.

Where is the water filter installed in my house?

Usually in the garage or a closet in the house. Outside installation can also be arranged.